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So Im Entering The Moore Hotel In Seattle To Check In And

Myself And Four Others In My Group Witness This Gent Trying To Lean Over While Hands Cuffed Behind His Back. The Purpose Was To Pick Up With His Mouth And Then Swallow The Pills The Cops Found On His Person. The Police Placed The Pills On The Table Along With Some Other Items They Found In This Mans Pockets. A Knife Them Pills And Whats This A Lock Picking Set. Holy Shit This Guys Casing The Hotel Going Threw The Hallways And Corridors Stopping At The Rooms In This Hotel That Was Built In 1907 By The Way And Picking Locks Of Its Patrons.Luckily He Was Suspicious Enough Looking That The Cops Were called By Bob.

Who’s Bob You Ask? Bob My Friends Is The Nice Fellow Behind The Counter Who’s Soul Purpose Is To take Your Card , Names And Then Charge You And Your Chums A $200.00 Fine For Smoking In The Room At Check Out…

That Is Who The Hell Bob Is.

Really Though Bob Is A Nice Kid He Did Call The Cops On The Perp.


Pikes Place View



Mans Other Other Best Friend


Ahhh Whiskey.

Whisky Pics…ImageImageImage

Steady Guitar

Light And Shadow

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EinFach LeBen!

Easy lIfe! 

Davy Jones Locker Padlock

Davy Jones Padlock